Geeron - Elemental Shaman

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Geeron - Elemental Shaman

Postby Geeron » Tue May 09, 2017 2:58 am

Name: Miika

Age: 32

Armoury Link to your character: ... ron/simple

Armoury link(s) to any max-level alts of note [Don't tell us about your lvl 1 bank character]: ... rsu/simple

Are you interested in raiding or do you want to join on a social basis?

I would be interested in a raiding spot

If you are looking to raid what is your current or most recent experience/progress?

My most recent raiding experience is from awhile back when Highmaul was still the newest raid instance, in there we killed 3 bosses on mythic before i had to stop playing.

Do you have any friends in the guild?

No, but i hope i would soon have!

Tell us about the guilds you have been in, and why you left your last guild.

All my guilds in the past have been HC/Semi HC raiding guilds.

In Vanilla i was in a guild called Reign where we raided 5 days a week and progressed decently far, killed 9 bosses in naxxramas before the expansion hit.

Soon after the expansion launch i joined a finnish raiding guild called Sarastus, another 5 days a week raiding guild where i've spent most of my wow years in. The active periods of this guild we're during TBC where we cleared up to M'uru in Sunwell before the nerfs and in Mop as a 10 man guild where we killed everything up to Garrosh in SoO Heroic before we merged with another finnish raiding guild in preparation for legion launch. After the merging and guild changing it's name to Parantola we managed to finish SoO Heroic before the legion launch and with this guild i've had my most recent raiding experience which was in Highmaul.

I left this guild because when i returned to the game couple of months before legion launch there was no activity in this guild anymore.

Are you the original owner of this account and do you let anyone else play your characters?

I'm the original owner and the only one using this account.

Are you applying to any other guilds?


Important: Have you read, understood and agreed to the Guild Code of conduct and Raiding rules?

I have.

Is there anything else you'd like to add that we didn't ask about?

I'm a recently returned ex-hardcore raider that is now looking for a more relaxed raiding guild to have fun in and meet new people who i hopefully could call friends eventually. I'm a mild-tempered guy who can be on the more quiet side at first until i get to know the people i'm playing with and i love doing things with guildmates, and that includes anything from raiding, dungeons, leveling, PvP etc.

A note about raid availability, i would miss about every 4th raiding week because of evening shifts at work but other than that there isn't anything else that would limit my raid availability.

I guess that's it, thanks for reading my application and i hope to hear from you soon!

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Re: Geeron - Elemental Shaman

Postby Grimmgør » Tue May 09, 2017 10:23 pm

Thanks for your application. One of the officers will give you a whisper the next time we catch you online!

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