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Guild Rules

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:04 pm
by Engel
General Guild Rules

1) Treat all members of the guild with respect. Abuse, emo outbursts, and anti-social behaviour are not acceptable.

2) Wherever you go, you wear our guild tag and what you do reflects on all of us as a guild. Anything that reflects badly on the rest of us will be punished. Examples include but are not limited to: spamming trade chat, ninja looting, flaming other players (no matter how bad)...

3) Help your guildmates when you can. This is a team game and being helpful and friendly goes a long way. Helping others make an alt run, get through heroics for badges, and giving them tips and guidance on how to maximize their performance, for examples, are greatly appreciated by the people you help and by the guild leadership.

(Note: this doesn't mean you should feel obligated to do something you don't want to do, but keep in mind that if you help people, they will help you in return... and it's always great if you take the first step)

4) If you sign up for something, we expect you to show up or to notify us if you can't make it. You can tell an officer or post in the thread/discord (that's preferred) as long as you give us notice.

5) If you're going away from the game, please post in the thread on the forums and let us know.

6) Use the forums. Lots of information is here, especially when the guild leadership asks your opinion on important issues. Flaming and abusive posts will, of course, be deleted.

7) Don't be afraid to speak your mind, but do that at the right time (in the middle of the raid might not be the best time). If something bothers you, talk to an officer or the GM. Every one of us is tired of drama and wants you to have fun and enjoy the game. We will do our best to address any problem you are having. Also, you will never be punished for bringing something up through the right channels, so talking about your situation can only make things better (and never worse!).

8) Finally, the most important thing is to have fun! That's why we play this game. We have no expectations that you maintain 100% attendance and you should not feel pressured to raid. Have fun! Don't lose sight of that fact.

9) No botting. Just to make this clear. Botting is against the rules of WoW and will get you banned. And we won't tolerate it either. Botters will face the wrath of the booterang. Not kidding. You have been warned.

Rules for the Raids:

1) Raids are for fun, and it's supposed to be fun and friendly, without pressure.

2) Give your best when you're in the raid. We have limited scheduled raid time, and that means we can't afford to waste it.

3) Show up prepared: that means flasks/elixirs, buff food, repair money, et cetera.

4) Remain calm, and no yelling. No matter how badly someone has screwed up, yelling at them is not the solution. Friendliness and a positive attitude goes much further. Yelling at people makes people not want to play and that's not what we want to see. Also, getting upset does not make your character perform any better. In fact, getting upset is a debuff - you are more likely to make a mistake. Keep your cool and we'll do fine.

5) Listen to your raid leader. Although raid leaders may be open to suggestions during the raid, do not argue with them during the raid. If you feel you have any suggestions on a particular tactic, you can PM it or write a post on the tactics section of the forum.

6) Be prepared to wipe as we get through instances. That's a part of the game and it would be disappointing if we could one-shot every encounter. Learning the encounter takes time and can be tough, but the important thing is that we have a good time doing it.

7) Although we all enjoy a a good laugh and encourage people to be social and friendly on vent, please know when to keep quiet.

8) Loot will be on personal for the first 5-10 runs of a raid tier, then switch to simple roll with the raid leader/loot master supervision. Main spec has priority over off/third spec followed by transmog, and we would always prefer to see some loot handed out for 3rd spec/transmog than another shard in the guild bank.

9) Mains have priority over alts and we ask you to play your mains in the raid normally, but sometimes we will have need of an alt to make a given run work. In that case, the alt will have equal priority to mains. We are grateful if you do play an alt to make something happen.

10) Kyla's wisdom: Loot lasts until the next patch, but guild mates (friends) are forever.

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Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:00 am
by Engel
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