New Trial? Read this!

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New Trial? Read this!

Postby Engel » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:05 am

First of all, welcome to The Northern Lights. We're glad to have you with us and here's some information for you that you may need for your trial.

Please read the guild rules and information carefully and familiarize yourself with your officer team.

Your trial period will last approximately 3 weeks (it may be extended up to 4 if necessary) and after that your guild mates and your officer team will make a final decision. During the trial period it is expected that you turn up to raid at least some of the time; we can't evaluate you for a raiding position if you are constantly missing raids.

You will have lower loot priority than our members. Your understanding in that matter is appreciated.

If you are a DPS trialist, you should remember that we are not interested only in your DPS. We are interested in whether you are listening to your raid leader and following instructions; if you know the tactics and what to do (e.g., when to switch targets and nuke the adds); and if you are performing class-specific abilities (e.g., interrupt, dispel). We do also look at your DPS, but don't think we judge you by this number.

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